about us


Adunni Foods was born out of the need for refreshing
tasty food ready to eat in no time at all. Our meals, inspired
by the cuisine of West Africa are delicious, healthy and flavoursome.
We aim to introduce African cuisine in its different varieties to dinner tables around the UK.

'Adunni' my middle name means 'good to be around'. Given to me by my grandmother, it personifies African food. They are good to have and good for you.

Food has always been a central, unifying factor in African communities. Meal times were an important part of my home growing up in Nigeria. They were filled with sharing experiences, laughter, and family time. Despite having a large household my parents never lacked for guests. Invited or arriving unannounced, either for a short visit or for days on end. That meant we had to have food on the table, even at the shortest of notices.

Sometimes at weekends, we had so many guests it would appear we had planned a party and food was always a key element.

After my university education in Lagos, I returned to the UK and soon started to cater for friends, weddings, birthdays etc. I often prepared African food. My friends and colleagues enjoyed them so much, and always commented on how delicious the food tasted. One colleague commented "I am in heaven" after tasting some of my food.

African meals are almost non-existent amongst the plethora of international cuisine available to buy. Hence we are now making delicious authentic African ready to eat meals available for your enjoyment. Taste Africa within minutes.

Enjoy, and let us know what you think.

Thank you,